Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by Sequencing (CITE-seq) is a multimodal single cell phenotyping method developed in the Technology Innovation lab at the New York Genome Center in collaboration with the Satija lab.


CITE-seq uses DNA-barcoded antibodies to convert detection of proteins into a quantitative, sequenceable readout.  Antibody-bound oligos act as synthetic transcripts that are captured during most large-scale oligodT-based scRNA-seq library preparation protocols (e.g. 10x Genomics, Drop-seq, ddSeq).


This allows for immunophenotyping of cells with a potentially limitless number of markers and unbiased transcriptome analysis using existing single-cell sequencing approaches.

We intend this page to serve as a hub for researchers interested in applying CITE-seq as is, and extending the method and the basic concept behind it to their areas of interest.

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