ATAC with Select Antigen Profiling by sequencing (ASAP-seq) is a method combining sensitive detection of proteins with high quality measurements of chromatin accessibility by single cell ATAC-seq.

ASAP-seq is to scATAC-seq what CITE-seq is to scRNA-seq.  

For now, we have demonstrated ASAP-seq on the 10x Genomics scATAC assay, but it should be also compatible with other single cell ATAC methods, e.g. from BioRad.

ASAP-seq makes use of the same reagents used for CITE-seq now available as TotalSeq™ reagents from BioLegend.  To make these reagents compatible with scATAC-seq, we use a bridge oligo specific to the appropriate TotalSeq product.  With addition of this single bridge oligo, researchers can use their existing CITE-seq or TotalSeq reagents to measure chromatin accessibility together with their favorite proteins.  Hashing is also a feature of ASAP-seq, with the same bridge oligo enabling the capture of hashtags.  Importantly, ASAP-seq is compatible with sequencing-based detection of intracellular epitopes.

ASAP-seq bridge oligo makes TotalSeq(TM) oligos compatible with scATAC-seq

On the sample prep side, ASAP-seq builds on the recently published mtscATAC-seq method, using fixed whole cells as input into scATAC, delivering, in addition to protein information, high quality ATAC-seq data with optional retention of mtDNA for determination of clonal relationships between cells.


ASAP-seq with TotalSeq™-A

ASAP-seq with TotalSeq™-B

ASAP-seq with TotalSeq™-A Hashing reagents


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